Earnings on Instagram

Earnings on Instagram

Создано: 2021-02-08
Обновлено: 2021-02-08

Giveaways = shadow ban from Instagram? How can you avoid this?

If you decide to develop your blog on Instagram, then you've probably heard such scary words as algorithm, targeted advertising, target audience and Give away. All of this is related to account promotion, but this is far from the entire dictionary of Insta terms, otherwise you would have to write a book.

Therefore, we will focus on the most controversial way of promotion - Give away. It is controversial because Instagram users are divided into 3 camps:

  • For Gibeah;
  • Against the Gives;
  • What is it?

And if between the first and second in the bar there is a talk about "Give away", the probability of a heated argument is very high. Why? Here you need to figure out how the Instagram algorithm reacts to Givas.

Bloggers gather, throw off on new equipment and announce to their subscribers that they need to subscribe to all sponsors and someone on the appointed day will give away the promised prizes.

The algorithm sees that 80 bloggers have the same audience in one day, and he doesn't like it, because Instagram doesn't have any percentage from this. Social networks are much more profitable if these bloggers set up targeted advertising and pay only Instagram for the audience.

And he cuts the reach of all these bloggers as punishment. Subscribers rarely see these bloggers in their feed, forget about them, and after "Give away" en masse unsubscribe. But they also unsubscribe because after "Give away" the benefit of the subscription ends.

But is it possible to fool Instagram and give a good Give away without losing the number of subscribers and reach? Spoiler alert: you can, but very carefully. One of the safest options is to buy instagram auto likes. Then everything will return to its place quickly enough. Or use the tips below.

The most important rule of a good "Give away" is to carefully select participating bloggers. Conventionally, if you have a network of premium beauty salons, is an account with jokes about school suitable for you as a partner? No, these are 2 completely different audiences that do not overlap with each other. But an account with custom-made swimsuits or decorative cosmetics is quite.

How often should you do Givea so that Instagram does not put your account in a shadow ban? About 2-3 times a year.

And so that after "Give away" there are fewer unsubscriptions, you can start your own internal drawing, with the results being summed up after the end of "Give away". At this time, do not forget to make quality content, launch targeted advertising and entertain your audience in every possible way.


  • Themed Giveaways with carefully selected bloggers of similar topics can do more good than harm;
  • During the Gives, you need to redouble your efforts to retain the audience;
  • Play it safe with a giveaway during Give Away so that the audience wants to stay after it.

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